Return of Les Grands Ballets

23 July, 2021

Fernand-Lindsay Amphitheatre


Brahms’ Requiem contains treasures of sublime beauty, of noble grandeur, of calm and sublimated sadness and of ardent humanity. While the urgency to celebrate life may, in our current context, feel overwhelming, Brahms helps us to meditate on death—and to find peace. Our last evening at the Amphitheatre was with these wonderful dancers of the Grands Ballets, incredible acrobats, constant defiers of time and gravity, as they trod our stage for the first time. It was yesterday, but also a century ago. Are we still whom we knew ourselves to be? This reunion may show us the answer.

Presented in collaboration with Diffusion Hector-Charland

Les Grands Ballets

For over 60 years, Les Grands Ballets Canadiens has been a creation, production and international performance company devoted to the development of dance in all its forms, while always staying faithful to the spirit of classical ballet. The dancers of Les Grands Ballets, under the artistic direction of Ivan Cavallari, perform choreographies by both long-established and trendsetting creators. Situated at the heart of Montreal’s Quartier des spectacles, Les Grands Ballets offers leisure services in its STUDIOS and supports its National Centre for Dance Therapy, which promotes all the benefits that dance can bring. The company’s mission is also to ensure accessibility to art for everyone; in that spirit its achievements include the founding of The Nutcracker Fund, which every year enables thousands of children to enjoy a first ballet experience. Les Grands Ballets, recognized for its excellence, creativity and daring, is fully committed to the local community, and is acclaimed on stages around the world.

Andrew Skeels

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