Ratelle and the Festival: A Natural, Mutually Favoured Duo | Festival de Lanaudière
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Ratelle and the Festival: A Natural, Mutually Favoured Duo

The Ratelle law firm has just joined the ranks of Festival de Lanaudière sponsors for its next three editions. According to the President of the company Me Nicolas Préville-Ratelle, the decision is directly connected to the Festival’s updated vision, revitalization, and aim to bring its sought-after annual event to the next level. “Offering more, notably in terms of community involvement, is a value we share,” he stated. “Furthermore, my brother Emmanuel (Practise Manager) and I can naturally identify with the dynamic tandem of the Festival’s General Manager Xavier Roy and Artistic Director Renaud Loranger.”

Ratelle had already supported the Festival for many years and has taken part in its fundraising event for even longer. Incidentally, the firm, which comprises 23 legal professionals, and the Festival team will soon become neighbours: in 2022, Festival staff will relocate to a building at the corner of De Lanaudière and Saint-Paul in the heart of downtown Joliette, just a few feet away from Ratelle headquarters. Ratelle also has a location in Repentigny. “We strongly wished to associate ourselves with the prestigious brand that is Ratelle,” stated Xavier Roy. “In short, our mutually favoured alliance feels natural. Here’s to a happy and successful alliance!”

A family history with the Festival

The partnership is strengthened by the fact that René Préville, grandfather of brothers Nicolas and Emmanuel, was a fervent supporter of cultural activities and a great enthusiast of the Festival. “Ratelle and the Festival de Lanaudière are a family thing,” Nicolas declared, whose mother, Me Éveline Préville, was a member of the Board of Directors from June 2014 to November 2017. “I was introduced to the Festival through my grandfather and parents. My first impression was true amazement at the packed Amphithéâtre, under the roof as well as on the lawn. Over time, attending this essential, delightful event grew into a family tradition!”

The Ratelle law firm was founded in 1968 and pursues its support of culture in the region of Joliette as part of its wider social and philanthropic commitment. The company also contributes to the Joliette Art Museum and Centre culturel Desjardins, and points to  synergy between these organizations and the Festival. “This will fortify the international renown of Joliette, with its high-quality Festival, in addition to generating diverse and stimulating cultural offerings. It is also an avenue for developing an attractive and dynamic environment for the current and future workforce.”